6 most disappointing players for the Patriots in 2023

-# players who did not live up to Patriots expectations in 2023 season
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Tyquan Thornton

Maybe it's not entirely on his shoulders for why he's been less than exciting since being drafted, but Tyquan Thornton continued not to live up to the hype put behind him by Belichick since signing with the team in 2022.

He began the year on injured reserve and didn't make his season debut until Week 6, but unlike his rookie season, the wide receiver wasn't given many opportunities to really get involved with the offense, and because of that, he recorded just 13 receptions for 91 yards.

Now that the 2024 season will likely have the team's fourth offensive coordinator in four years, there's a chance Thornton will be implemented into the offensive game plan more than he has in the past, it just hinges on who will be calling the plays and who the quarterback will be.

But at the same time, Mayo has already made it clear he intends on spending a lot of money in free agency and given the receivers that are set to be on the market, it's expected he will go after those top players. If that's the case, then Thornton falls down the depth chart even further.

It would be nice to see if he can be the type of player he was projected to be in the NFL, and maybe significant changes to the staff and roster will be what needs to be done to see that happen.