5 wild trades the Patriots could make for Bill Belichick this offseason

New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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Trade for Bill Belichick #3: To the Saints for Derek Carr 

Derek Carr and Dennis Allen have won 10 out of the 31 games they’ve been involved in together, and Allen’s record as a head coach currently stands at 22-46.

So, the Saints might as well blow it up right now. And the Patriots do need a new quarterback. Bailey Zappe can make short passes to running backs, but he’s never going to stretch a defense. And that’s a problem in the modern NFL. 

Trade for Bill Belichick #4: To the Raiders for Davante Adams 

Like the Chargers, the Raiders canned their head coach partway through the 2023 season. And while Antonio Pierce has been excellent as the “interim head coach,” so was Rich Bisaccia in 2021, and Mark Davis let him walk at the end of that season. Logic and NFL owners are rarely comfortable bedfellows. 

If the Patriots could persuade Davis that Belichick should be the main man in the desert, they should offer to take Adams’ contract off his hands. Davis does seem to have a penchant for ex-Patriots, too; he already signed Bolden, Jimmy G, Meyers, and Josh McDaniels. 

Adams has three years left on his current deal, and the 31-year-old is due to make just $16.8 million next season. If that sounds like a lot, he’s expected to earn around $73 million in the final two years of that deal! One way or another, that’s going to be reworked; Davis might as well let the Patriots' front office be the ones to figure it out.