5 wild trades the Patriots could make for Bill Belichick this offseason

New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
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Let's be honest: trading Bill Belichick doesn’t make much sense. He has won more postseason games than any other NFL coach, and he’s 27 wins away from Don Shula’s regular season record. But after signing Belichick to a new deal before the season began, it makes even less sense to fire him.

No NFL team should be allowing any of their assets to just walk out the door, especially with so many teams in the market for a new head coach.

If there’s one thing we can say about the NFL with any certainty, it’s that some team owners are bona fide madmen. So, who could be interested in a trade, and what could the Patriots get in return?

Trade for Bill Belichick #1: To the Commanders for Sam Howell 

New ownership regimes are always interesting. They generally want to put their thumbprint on the franchise. Josh Harris is already expected to fire Ron Rivera at the end of the season after just 4 wins in the first 15 games of the season. And there’s talk that he could even rebrand the team for the third time since 2020. 

What better way to demonstrate to your fan base that you’re serious about reviving the team than bringing in one of the most successful coaches in history? And after allowing Howell to be sacked 60 times in his 15 starts Rivera has now decided to bench his QB. Howell should be as desperate for a fresh start as the new owners are. 

Trade for Bill Belichick #2: To the Chargers for Khalil Mack 

Just like Bill Belichick, if you thought Khalil Mack was done you are loud wrong. In his 10th season in the NFL Mack has recorded 15 sacks in 15 games. That equals the most of his career that he set as an Oakland Raider in 2015! Mack has only been listed as “inactive” for 4 games out of 161, so he’s as durable as they come. 

The Chargers have already fired head coach Brandon Staley, allegedly at halftime of the Raiders game in Week 15! They are definitely in the market for a new head coach and GM.