5 under the radar New England Patriots players for the 2023 season

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Jalen Mills

One of the least discussed moves of the Patriots' offseason has been Jalen Mills' switch from cornerback to safety. Despite his versatility in the secondary, Mills has spent most of his career as a corner but saw his most impressive year with the Eagles in 2020 when he was lined up as a free safety.

After being cut from the team just to be re-signed as a safety a day later, Mills has looked better and better on the practice field as the summer went on. With Devin McCourty's absence being a lingering talking point that most believe will be noticeable this season, Mills' experience at the position, along with his athleticism and tenacity, could become a vital piece that the defense needs.

He shined during his limited usage during the preseason with a standout performance against the Texans, which made it clear he was comfortable with the position change despite being away from it for three years.

Belichick believes in what Mills can be to this defense and trusts he can help bridge the gap of McCourty's absence. He's already improved during the two seasons he's been in New England and is projected to be even better this year, which makes the defense even more exciting to watch.