5 under the radar New England Patriots players for the 2023 season

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Kayshon Boutte

Although not much of the offense has people excited, the potential of the rookie receivers appears to have caught the attention of some fans and local media. But most of that optimism has been aimed at Demario Douglas, who looked impressive throughout training camp, leaving Kayshon Boutte in the dust.

Much of that is due to Boutte's slow progression during the summer, which made many focus elsewhere. When he did start to shine in practices and preseason games, the worries of the Patriots waiting until the sixth round to draft much-needed receivers didn't appear as much of a concern anymore, ironic considering it was considered the biggest hurdle the offense would have to overcome this season.

The glimpses of what Boutte was known for during his college career at LSU have reignited the possibilities of what he can bring to an offense that has been completely revamped and is hoping to rebound from a down year. He may not be atop the depth chart, but his quickness and versatility will be invaluable, especially on an offense with so many question marks.

Perhaps he will revert to when he was considered a first-round talent.

Maybe he will outshine his fellow rookie teammate.

Or he could just become a solid weapon for Mac Jones to utilize and showcase why the Patriots got lucky to draft him.