5 under the radar New England Patriots players for the 2023 season

Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots
Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages
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As the Patriots set to begin the 2023 season in just a few days, so many storylines have garnered the most excitement around New England amongst the fans and media.

How will Mac Jones perform this season after the disaster that was 2022?

Will the rookies be as impressive as they have during the preseason?

Who will have the biggest breakout year?

They're all valid questions and certainly deserve to be pondered. But one of the more passed-over conversations is the list of under-the-radar players to watch for.

Fortunately, the Patriots have a long list of exciting players this upcoming season, including nearly all of their 2023 draft class. But within that long list are a handful of guys that seem to be flying under the radar, with the potential to be integral pieces of the team in their pursuit of a bounce-back season.

And it's not just the offense and defense that should hold your attention; a few names on special teams will also.