5 team records the Patriots could likely break this season 

Detroit Lions v New England Patriots
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Most sacks allowed 

It’s a record, a record nobody wants, but a record nonetheless. As good as the Patriots' defense should be in 2024 the offense could be terrible. 

Despite loading the roster up with talented offensive players in the draft and signing a veteran QB, a running back, a wide receiver, and two tight ends in free agency they failed to fix their biggest problem, a leaky offensive line. 

Alex Van Pelt has already said that he intends to build his offense on the run game and there’s no doubt he has talented running backs, but Bill O’Brien wanted to establish the run first in 2023 and that failed unequivocally. 

If the run game doesn’t work Van Pelt will have no choice other than to try to pass. With seven right tackles and no experienced left tackles on the roster that will is going to be tricky. 

If the team allows more than three sacks in each game they will break the current record set in a 16-game season, back in 1984. Poor Tony Easton hit the deck 59 times as he was sacked on 12% of his dropbacks.  

Easton did throw 23 touchdowns in his 13 starts in 2023 though, and he won seven games. That is seven more touchdowns and three more wins than the Patriots managed last year. So, in a perverse way that could be sort of good.