5 receivers Patriots could trade for ranked by likelihood

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4. Davante Adams

Similar to the idea of A.J. Brown making his way to Foxboro feeling like a pipe dream, the possibility of the Raiders deciding to move on from Davante Adams is close to zero.

The only reason the chances of the 31-year-old becoming a Patriot are slightly better is the rumored desire coach Antonio Pierce has to move up in the draft to select their next franchise quarterback. He is alleged to have his eyes set on LSU's Jayden Daniels, and Adams could be part of the trade package to teams in the top 3 to ensure he is the next Raiders' quarterback.

In an ideal scenario, Adams would bring an unparalleled boost to the Patriots' offense, which has needed a player of his caliber since Tom Brady's days on the team. His consistent excellence over the years and apparent defiance of receivers' usual trajectory make him a highly coveted yet unattainable asset.

Over the last four years, he's averaged 1,396 receiving yards and double-digit touchdowns as the primary target for Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay and multiple quarterbacks in Las Vegas.

Although last season might be considered a "down year" for the receiver, he's still a legit weapon, and the Raiders would be foolish to move on from him, especially if they want to add a rookie quarterback for the 2024 season.

Because the Patriots are expected to follow that plan, Adams would provide that veteran comfort to the developing offense. But don't count on this happening, even if the Raiders decide to trade up. It would make very little sense for them to add him to the package.