5 quarterbacks who could start for the New England Patriots in Week 1 of 2024

With lots of cap room and excellent draft capital, the Patriots should be able to find a new QB1 for 2024.
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No. 4 - Drake Maye

Drake Maye declared earlier this week that he is foregoing his final two seasons at North Carolina in order to enter the 2024 NFL draft. He has all the physical tools to make an outstanding NFL quarterback, though one concern is why his numbers and efficiency seemed to take a step backward in 2023 compared to his first full year as a starter in 2022.

A prominent reason for Maye's numbers not looking as good might simply be that the Tar Heels did not use him as well as last year. One of Maye's biggest attributes is his ability to move around in the pocket and sprint down the field as needed. North Carolina had him run 72 fewer times this year, which hurt their team.

But we don't care about North Carolina winning or losing, of course. We care about how Drake Maye will make the Patriots better. The key is that Maye should be able to use whatever talent the Patriots give him and maximize their efficiency. He is 6'5" and 220 pounds with an extremely accurate arm and can throw receivers open.

He can also escape pressure and pick up first downs with his legs much better than Mac Jones, Bailey Zappe, or most other current NFL quarterbacks. As bad as New England's pass protection has been this year, and assuming it isn't much better in 2024, Maye is going to make the offense better because of his ability to pick up chunk yards while running.