5 quarterbacks who could start for the New England Patriots in Week 1 of 2024

With lots of cap room and excellent draft capital, the Patriots should be able to find a new QB1 for 2024.
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No. 3 - Bailey Zappe

Zappe is probably never going to be a Pro Bowl quarterback, and he likely isn't a long-term starter in New England, but if the Patriots want to go in a different direction with their first pick in the 2024 NFL Draft - maybe take an offensive lineman, a high-end receiver, or a top cornerback - then Zappe deserves a chance to be the team's starter next year. While he hasn't been great, he also hasn't really had a chance to prove he can be the Patriots' QB1.

Zappe has four starts in two years and has won three of those games. While his interception percentage is a little high (3.3 percent), his touchdown percentage is solid (4.3). His yards per completion is also a full yard better than Mac Jones'. The issue, too, with Jones is many of his numbers have decreased every season (touchdown percentage, quarterback rating, and yards per completion) while his interception percentage has gone up.

Zappe should be the answer over Jones as QB1 in 2024 if the New England Patriots decide to stand pat at quarterback next year while trying to improve the rest of the roster. Zappe plays a lot like Baker Mayfield. Is Mayfield a great quarterback? Not at all, but he is capable of keeping teams in games and putting up decent numbers.

A Patriots fan might ask whether Jones or Zappe can get the most out of the current receiving talent in New England. Both quarterbacks seem to know the offense as well as the other. But we have seen Jones digress while Zappe hasn't had his chance.