5 quarterbacks who could start for the New England Patriots in Week 1 of 2024

With lots of cap room and excellent draft capital, the Patriots should be able to find a new QB1 for 2024.

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No. 2 - Geno Smith

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith is currently under contract through 2025 with Seattle, but Seattle has an easy out after the 2023 season and very likely might take it. Not that Smith has been bad because he hasn't been, but the Seahawks are in a different spot than the Patriots. Seattle has spent the last two seasons trying to rebuild through the draft after trading Russell Wilson in the 2022 offseason. Seattle likely needs a young quarterback to go with their young roster.

Smith would bring a veteran presence to a Patriots offense that needs it. Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe have not been good for several reasons in 2023 - lack of good protection and not much quality depth at receiver, to name two - but both quarterbacks also never had a real chance to learn from veteran experience for very long, and learning on the job in the NFL is many times a lost cause.

Smith would probably not put the Patriots into a conversation about potential contenders next year, but no quarterback is going to do that in New England. The team just has far too many needs. But Smith would make the Patriots better. He led the NFL in completion percentage in 2022 and the NFC in touchdown passes.

He hasn't been as efficient in 2023, but he is still 15th in QBR in the NFL (55.7), 16th in passing yards (2,918), and second in game-winning drives (3). He also should not be overly expensive to sign, even though money will not be an issue for the Patriots in 2024. A veteran leader of the offense who can get the best out of the talent the Patriots do have is just what New England needs to get closer to .500 next year.