5 quality free agents the Patriots can still target after first wave of signings

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T Trent Brown

At this point in the offseason, seeing Trent Brown on a list of players New England should consider bringing back would not have been predicted based on how his 2023 season ended. The offensive lineman had made it very clear he was ready to move on from the Patriots after his second stint, even after Belichick departed the team.

Addressing the left tackle was presumed to be one of the first positions Eliot Wolf would address once free agency began, but he has instead done the opposite, hence Brown's inclusion on this list.

Despite the issues he may come with, Brown continues to be one of the best left tackles in the league and was the best lineman on the Patriots for a stretch last season. Now that most desirable targets have already signed with new teams, there aren't many options remaining for Wolf to choose from or who would be upgrades over Brown. So, re-signing the nine-year veteran should still be considered.

It may be easier to get a deal done since reports haven't suggested many teams are knocking on his door to sign him. That could make a return to Foxboro more enticing for Brown if he intends to play in 2024. And it would be wise of the Patriots to lock down a left tackle before the draft, even if they plan to draft one.

CB Stephon Gilmore

Another familiar face that should be welcomed back this year is Stephon Gilmore. He was traded from the team in 2021 and continues to feel like the one that got away.

In the three and a half years since his departure, Gilmore's production hasn't wavered, making him even more impressive considering he's been on three different teams in three years and he's 33 years old.

Now that he's a free agent and can choose where to go, bringing him back to right a former wrong would be great not just for that but for a young and developing cornerback room. Gilmore would be a valuable teacher to guys like Christian Gonzalez and Marcus Jones, both of whom hope to have bounce-back seasons next year.

On top of that, Belichick tried to trade for him last year before being outbid by the Cowboys. Although the head coach is gone, he was clearly trying to bring him back because he's still just as talented. And to make it even better, Gilmore stated his desire to return to New England one day. What better time than now?