5 pros and cons of firing New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick

Is the time now to move on from Bill Belichick?

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Con No. 2 - Belichick is not really the issue

This part is only about Bill Belichick the head coach. In fact, how great must Belichick be as a coach when he clearly has been the reason the Patriots have been so successful over two decades (other than Saint Tom) while other teams want to hire his assistant coaches, those assistants don't really become good head coaches in the NFL. Maybe Belichick is really a control freak, but that makes his assistants look better because they are attached to his name.

No matter what, Belichick is coaching the team and not trying to execute plays on the field. In 2023, the offensive line has generally been a mess leaving whoever is behind center not to have much time to execute whatever game plan Bill O'Brien was trying to operate. No blocking equals no running game and no efficient passing game, and that has been New England's main problem, not Belichick.

Pro No. 3 - A young team needs to grow old with a young coach

The New England Patriots need a rebuild of some kind. Every team that starts the season 3-10 with little hope of winning more than one more game - the Patriots finish with the Chiefs, Broncos, Bills, and then the Jets - is going to need to start over some unless that team has a rookie quarterback with a ton of promise that the Patriots simply do not have. Yet. And the yet is essential.

The Patriots had the seventh-oldest roster to start 2023, and that ranking needs to drop a lot in 2024. Maybe that means another year or two of not being good, but are Patriots fans really thinking this roster can win a Super Bowl within a few seasons? Unlikely. A change-over of the roster should mean a change-over of the head coach, and a young head coach can grow and learn with his young team. Just ask the Los Angeles Rams how that has worked out.

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