5 players who won't be on the Patriots' 53-man roster come Week 1

Houston Texans v New England Patriots
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Tre Nixon

As the infamous last draft pick by the now-retired but legendary Ernie Adams, Tre Nixon has had much to live up to since he was drafted in 2021.

Since the Patriots signed him, he has remained on the practice squad and hasn't been able to showcase why that should change. Even though the receiving corps has been highly debated and questioned throughout the last two years, Nixon has a lot of competition to get through to make the final roster, which became an even more challenging task with the re-signing of DeVante Parker earlier this year.

There was a good chance he would have the opportunity to demonstrate exactly why he should finally be moved to the 53-man roster this preseason, but through two games so far, not much had changed from when he first joined the team.

Unfortunately for Nixon, the sporadic standout moments he's had during practice and preseason games over the last two seasons still appear not to be enough to push another receiver out. And because of that, he will likely remain on the practice squad in 2023.