5 Patriots who are not safe after 2024 NFL Draft

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5 Patriots who are not safe after 2024 NFL Draft

G Cole Strange

Bill Belichick's decision to draft a guard in the first round of the 2022 Draft was and remains widely criticized.

Despite the need for improvement on the offensive line, there were other players available who could've been great picks for other positions, with Cole Strange likely remaining on the board in a later round.

Once he got into the groove a bit during his rookie year, he looked more and more like a wise pick by the head coach. However, inconsistency flared up, and multiple injuries during last season kept him off the field more than anyone would like, especially during a year when the offense needed as much help as possible.

Because he ended the year with a knee injury, which landed him on injured reserve, it's unclear what his availability will be during the offseason once practices start up. Couple that with his less-than-impressive production thus far, and it seems to explain the Patriots' decision to draft Layden Robinson in the fourth round.

The former Texas A&M guard could have simply been drafted as a depth piece for an offensive line that needed to be prioritized this offseason. Or he could be a way to put some pressure on Strange, who will be entering his third year in 2024.