5 Patriots players who should receive contract extensions in 2024

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5 Patriots players who should receive contract extensions in 2024

David Andrews

Perhaps one of the more underrated and undervalued players on the Patriots, David Andrews has been as dependable as they come on the offense line during his tenure. As the only true constant on the line, he's become the most integral piece in protecting the quarterbacks, and it doesn't appear that should end any time soon.

It looked like Belichick had drafted his replacement last year by selecting Jake Andrews in the fourth round. But he didn't play much, if at all, as a rookie, and we have no indication that he will eventually replace David next season or in the future.

So, if that's the case, extending the veteran to maintain some consistency with one of the more problematic units on the team seems like a good idea.

The lifelong Patriot has discussed possibly retiring, even as soon as this offseason, which certainly wouldn't be good for the team. But with that decision still up in the air, offering an extension could help make the choice for him.

His presence will be even more critical this upcoming season with so many changes coming to the offense, especially with the presumed rookie quarterback who will eventually get playing time. Keeping Andrews along with Mike Onwenu will set them up for more success than if they needed to add finding a center to their list of priorities.

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