5 new faces who could save the New England Patriots' season

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From the outside, there doesn’t appear to be a massive problem with this Patriots roster. People are always quick to blame any quarterback when the offense doesn’t work.

But the NFL is not like the NBA. However important their position, one player in a group of 11 rarely defines how a team performs. It’s still the play-calling that is holding the offense back.

However, two things seem to be sorely lacking from the offense. It looks like there’s a leadership vacuum, and there’s a serious lack of dynamism or “pop.” Pharoah Brown’s 58-yard touchdown reception is the only play over 50 yards in 2023! Nothing about Bill O’Brien’s unit excites fans or worries defenses.

They need to develop some character before it’s too late, and the quickest way to do that is with new faces. The Patriots offensive line is currently ranked 18th in the league by Pro Football Network, behind even the Panthers, who allow four sacks per game. So, that seems a logical place to start.