5 more of the Patriots’ best plays during the 2023 season

Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots
Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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No Patriots fan will remember the 2023 season fondly. It started with a bad draft, was interspersed with terrible injuries (Judon, Gonzalez, Stevenson, Bourne, just to name a few), and ended with a legendary coach departing. But that doesn’t mean everything went wrong.

Through it all, there were still some good plays. 

Brenden Schooler’s punt block against the Dolphins  

This play almost defies description. It was so well drawn up and executed that even the person who pulled it off didn’t believe it happened. In fact, even Schooler’s own mother didn’t believe it. But it did.

Schooler lined up away from the rest of the defenders. He was wide of the formation to get a good view of the ball being snapped, so he had a clear view as he started his run-up.

By the time the ball was snapped to the holder, Schooler was at top speed and proceeded to fly past anyone who tried to lay a hand on him.