5 great free agents Patriots could've signed but didn't

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Patriots could have signed tackle Jonah Williams

Even though re-signing Mike Onwenu was at the forefront of most fans' minds this offseason, the offensive line has been in need of a lot of help, so it's gotten to the point of the more, the merrier. That's why there was a subtle intrigue with Jonah Williams, a former first-round draft pick in 2019.

He was considered one of the best right tackles in free agency this year and would have been a great addition to the Patriots, even with re-signing Onwenu. Instead, Williams signed a very affordable 2-year deal for $30 million with just $21.5 million guaranteed to play for the Cardinals.

With so much money readily available to spend, the Patriots chose to look the other way and are still in the market for a backup right tackle. They have some depth on the roster, but none that should make them feel too comfy if anything were to happen to Onwenu.

Whether they had exploratory talks with Williams is yet to be revealed, and if they didn't, they missed a big opportunity. Perhaps the timing coincided with their efforts to retain Onwenu, which explains why they may not have made any effort.

But the hope is they will add more help to the offensive line before the 2024 season, especially a veteran.