5 first-time head coaches the Patriots should consider in 2024

If the team eventually parts with Bill Belichick, the New England Patriots should consider these five first-time head coaches.
Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson watches a play against Las Vegas Raiders during the
Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson watches a play against Las Vegas Raiders during the / Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK
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4. Aaron Glenn, Detroit Lions Defensive Coordinator

This one might not inspire people, but Aaron Glenn is very respected in league circles and has interviewed for head coaching jobs before. It's important to remember that what side of the ball the coach is "on" doesn't mean as much as if they have a plan for their staff and how they want the team to look. What if Glenn has a perfect solution to fix the offense?

I mean, we're currently seeing a defensive-minded coach in DeMeco Ryans have a top-10 offense because he had a plan for the unit. Glenn could fall into that category, plus he's a former player, which is a nice bonus. He's coached in the NFL since 2014 and has seen gradual improvement from his units as a DC with the Lions.

Glenn is 51 years old.

5. Eric Bieniemy, Washington Commanders Offensive Coordinator

Eric Bieniemy might be the most notable coach in the NFL who has not yet had the chance to be a head coach. He's been in coaching interviews for years but has not yet been given a shot. Bieniemy has a playing career under his belt and has coached football between college and the NFL since 2000. He's been a running backs coach at the college and pro level and has been an OC in both levels as well.

This year, he made the move away from Andy Reid and is now calling plays for the Washington Commanders. The Commanders have the 17th-ranked scoring offense with second-year QB Sam Howell who also leads the league in attempts, completions, and passing yards. Howell has definitely taken a jump from his rookie season, and I think Bieniemy has shown enough calling plays by himself to get a shot at being an HC in the NFL.