5 first-rounders the Patriots should consider other than a quarterback

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5 first-rounders the Patriots should consider other than a quarterback

TE Brock Bowers

Maybe tight end isn't at the top of the list of positional needs for the Patriots roster currently, but it has been one of the team's more difficult ones to find adequate replacements for post-Rob Gronkowski.

They've had success with Hunter Henry since signing him in 2021, but pairing him with an equal or better player hasn't been so easy.

The incoming rookie class is one of the weaker groups in recent years, which makes it even more ideal that they re-signed Henry in the offseason and brought in Austin Hooper for added help. However, the top prospect of the class, Brock Bowers, would be a wise choice in the first round at pick No. 3 or a trade down scenario.

Brock Bowers, the top-ranked player by far and wide at the position of the incoming rookie class, brings a unique set of skills and qualities that align perfectly with the Patriots' needs. His versatility, reliability, and impressive blocking skills make him an exciting prospect for the team's up-and-coming offense.

Over the last three years at Georgia, he averaged 847 yards per season, eight touchdowns, and 14.5 yards per reception; that's more than Henry during his three seasons in New England.

Bowers would provide quite a boost to the offense, fall into the category described by de facto GM Eliot Wolf of weaponizing the offense, and have a great mentor in Henry to learn from for the next three seasons.