5 first-rounders the Patriots should consider other than a quarterback

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It certainly wouldn't be a well-received decision, but the Patriots do have several impressive options in the first round of this year's draft if they forgo selecting a quarterback with their third overall pick.

It has been a debate since it was clear they would hold the coveted spot on the draft board because so many holes on the offense need to be dealt with. From taking their next WR1 or offensive tackle to potentially snagging the best tight end of the draft class, there is enough argument to be made about waiting on taking a quarterback.

Whether or not that seems like a wise decision depends on who you ask, especially since the team has struggled to find a quarterback since Tom Brady left four years ago.

However, there is a scenario where a player they're not in love with falls to them at three, and instead of drafting him just to select a quarterback, they choose to trade down with a team that does like him. This ongoing struggle should raise concerns and underline the situation's urgency, making the argument for exploring other options more compelling.

Or they take one of the other top prospects they have been looking at, and it is rumored that there will be nearly a handful of teams looking to do that.

5 first-rounders the Patriots should consider other than a quarterback

LT Joe Alt

One of the most needed positions on the offense the Patriots need to address early in the draft since they didn't in free agency is left tackle. The idea of them taking an offensive lineman in the first round would certainly not win over fans, especially after the adverse reaction to Cole Strange's selection, but if they could snag the top-ranked player at the position, then it's difficult to argue against it.

Notre Dame's Joe Alt is by far the best prospect at left tackle in this year's class. He's the fifth-ranked overall player by PFF in the entire draft, and his stats back up exactly why that is.

Over the last three years, he's averaged 726 snaps of play and has allowed just four sacks and five hits on the quarterback. Imagine having this guy protect a rookie quarterback in New England over the next four years. Alt would be an incredible upgrade over what they've dealt with in recent seasons.

At 6'8" and 322 lbs., Alt has the size to be an absolute force on the field. His impressive stats, including just four sacks and five hits on the quarterback over the last three years, and his phenomenal footwork for his frame instill confidence in his abilities. Alt's strength to keep even the best pass rushers away is a quality that has been a consistent weakness for the Patriots offensive line for some time.

If they pass on a quarterback at No. 3 or even decide to trade down, there's no reason to pass on Alt whatsoever. He would instantly stabilize the line and provide nearly impeccable protection for whoever the quarterback will be. What more could you ask for?