5 bold predictions for the New England Patriots in the 2023 NFL season

Will these 5 bold predictions for the Patriots come true in the 2023 NFL season?
New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
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3. The Patriots are sellers at the trade deadline

Bill Belichick might never take this type of path with his team, but I don't see a ton of wins for this club in 2023, who have a brutal schedule, in fact, it's one of the toughest in the NFL. If the Pats only have a few wins by the time the 2023 NFL trade deadline rolls around, I don't see why they would hold firm or try to trade for some players.

Robert Kraft might be fed up at this point and might even force Belichick to make some trades to get some draft capital for the future. Players like Kendrick Bourne, Mike Onwenu, Kyle Dugger, and Matt Judon could all be names that I could see teams coveting who want to add before the deadline.

4. A hypothetical Jimmy Garoppolo return to the Pats begins to circulate

Wouldn't this be something? The idea with the New England Patriots initially drafting Jimmy Garoppolo back in 2014 was him being a replacement for Tom Brady, who proceeded to win three more Super Bowls after he was drafted. Well, in 2023, I think we'll begin to here rumblings, rumors, or whatever you want to call it about Jimmy G returning to the Patriots.

Garoppolo signed with the Las Vegas Raiders in the 2023 NFL offseason. However, even though his contract is fresh, it's very moveable in the future. What if the Patriots bottom out in 2023 and the team turns into a rebuilding phase. Well, wouldn't someone like Garoppolo make sense for a few years? Moreover, what if the Raiders don't play too well in 2023 and Josh McDaniels gets fired?

Could we see a situation where both Garoppolo AND McDaniels end up partnering back up in New England beginning in 2024? It sounds insane, but I could see it.