4 steps the Patriots need to follow to beat the Cowboys in week four

Dallas Cowboys v New England Patriots
Dallas Cowboys v New England Patriots / Maddie Malhotra/GettyImages
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Don't play from behind

Playing from behind has become a common denominator this year and the basis of the Patriots' issues, making it even more imperative that they don't fall behind early this week if they want a solid chance of leaving Dallas with a win.

Other than the typical pressure to win a game, there's even more focus on getting a win this week to get their season back on track and go into the next month of games with a .500 record. The AFC East is looking like a race between the Bills and the Dolphins, but they're not that much ahead of New England so far.

Starting October with a win could further motivate them to handle business against the Saints in week five and the Raiders in week six, putting them in a good position for when they play the Bills and Dolphins in back-to-back weeks.

They can accomplish that all by not making mistakes by their own hands, much like what we saw in the first two games of the season, and not relying on the defense to give the offense opportunity after opportunity to get back in the game.

Coming out hot and scoring first is ideal for any team, but it's become increasingly crucial for the Patriots over the last few years. They have a losing record under Mac Jones when they fall behind in a game, and they haven't been able to overcome those deficits this season despite the more successful scheme they've been working with compared to one year ago.

Since they were the first to score in their first win against the Jets, hopefully, they can repeat that in Dallas this week.