4 steps the Patriots need to follow to beat the Cowboys in week four

Dallas Cowboys v New England Patriots
Dallas Cowboys v New England Patriots / Maddie Malhotra/GettyImages
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Don't let Dak get hot

There are a handful of quarterbacks in the NFL that can drastically alter the momentum of a game in their team's favor, and in this upcoming matchup, that is Dak Prescott. The Patriots learned that the hard way during their last meeting with the Cowboys in 2021, where Prescott completed 36 passes for 445 yards and three touchdowns.

It was a different script in that game compared to how games have transpired so far this year, with the Patriots scoring first and heading into halftime up 14-10. But that's when things began to shift.

After back-to-back three-and-out drives to start the second half, Prescott took the offense down the field to score on their next two series, putting the Cowboys ahead for the first time all game. It would start to flip-flop the rest of the way, with the game being forced into overtime and the Cowboys coming out the victors with an impressive touchdown drive to end the game.

It was a standout performance for Prescott, who has dealt with many obstacles during his career so far, some of which have been questions regarding his fitness as the Cowboys quarterback. He proved to be exactly what they needed in that game and swiftly swung the game back in their favor, something New England cannot allow to happen on Sunday.

The defense must bring the pressure and make Prescott uncomfortable, hopefully leading to a few mistakes the offense can capitalize on. Slowing him down won't be enough, though. Limiting his time on the field will potentially be a major factor in keeping the game tight, putting less pressure on Mac Jones and the offense to do more than needed.