4 steps the Patriots need to follow to beat the Cowboys in week four

Dallas Cowboys v New England Patriots
Dallas Cowboys v New England Patriots / Maddie Malhotra/GettyImages
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It seems like the Patriots have had a tall task ahead of them for every game so far in the 2023 season, and, much like the games before it, they should expect the same against the Cowboys in week four.

Coming off of their first loss of the season, Dallas started the year strong with dominating wins against the New York Giants and Jets, blowing both teams out by double digits. Although that's impressive on the surface, seeing how both teams have looked through three games makes the Cowboys' convincing wins a bit more questionable.

We saw those concerns come to light last week when they visited the Cardinals, losing to the team in flux 28-16. Fortunately for the Patriots and sadly for the Cowboys, the four quarters of football provided the blueprint to win over a seemingly formidable opponent, something they will need as they continue the rest of their challenging schedule.

With their first win under their belt over the Jets last week, New England will have a few factors that will play a significant role in the game overall that they haven't had this season, mainly playing in a dome. Since the rain has seemingly impacted their performance in two of the three games this season, playing indoors couldn't have come at a better time.

Knowing the weather won't play a role on Sunday, the Patriots must follow at least four keys to victory if they hope to win this week. We saw how well it worked for the Cardinals, and if they can follow that blueprint in AT&T Stadium, there's no reason they can't finish the first month of the season with a 2-2 record.