4 reasons to feel optimistic about the New England Patriots' upcoming season

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
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The coaching changes made on offense

Rarely are substantial coaching changes like hiring a new offensive coordinator, or offensive line coach celebrated. However, after the cards they were dealt for the 2022 season, there was a clear sense of relief and eagerness from the Patriots players when hearing the news of Bill O'Brien and Adrian Klemm's arrival.

Of course, not all of New England's struggles can be placed on the shoulders of a single coach, who also wasn't put into a position to thrive. That wouldn't be fair to do. But knowing that the offense will once again be run by a respected and experienced offensive mind is easy to be excited about.

With O'Brien back in the fold, Mac Jones and the rest of the offense will have a fair chance to succeed and return to being a competitive offense.

The quarterback will also have O'Brien to rely on as the quarterback's coach, which was another tension-filled part of the 2022 season, as Jones was seen multiple times expressing his frustration mid-game.

The addition of Klemm is also crucial, mainly because of how inconsistent the offensive line was last year. Because of the continued absence of adequate protection, Jones and the other quarterbacks were sacked a total of 41 times, leading to incompletions or interceptions and even injury.

With Klemm's experience as not just an offensive tackle but one that played for the Patriots and his lengthy resume of coaching the line, there's no reason to believe the unit isn't in better hands going into the season.