4 potential defensive team MVPs for the New England Patriots in 2023

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Jabrill Peppers

Another player who has earned himself a favorable reputation in New England has to be Jabrill Peppers.

Coming into his first season with the Patriots, there were doubts about how well he would perform since he was still recovering from a torn ACL and surgery to repair it from the season before. But his intensity and versatility shined right away, despite what his statistics will tell you.

As a prototype player Belichick loves, Peppers can be used on defense and special teams and made an impact with both units last season.

One of the most memorable aspects of his game last year was his hard-hitting tackles that led to big plays in important games.

In the first meeting with the New York Jets in week eight, Peppers' intense play style could be seen and heard during punt returns but especially one in the third quarter. He was also a part of the iconic punt return touchdown by Marcus Jones in the second game of the season against the Jets, becoming a brick wall to Jets players trying to stop the play.

He had a similar play against the Pittsburgh Steelers in week two, but this time on defense. With his attention to detail, as a play was being set up, Peppers took down the Steelers' receiver right as he caught the ball, keeping him behind the line of scrimmage to force a fourth down.

Now entering his second season fresh on the heels of a contract extension, his performance through the offseason has caught the attention of his head coach, who couldn't stop raving about how improved he's become in just one year's time.

If that's any indication of what's to come this season, it seems completely fair to believe Peppers could become a secret weapon on defense and a potential team MVP at the end of the year.