4 Patriots that have stood out the most in Weeks 1-4

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Matthew Judon

Much like how his previous two seasons have gone, Matthew Judon was well on his way to having another phenomenal year as the Patriots leading pass rusher.

As the most dominant piece of the defensive line, Judon started the 2023 season hot and looked to be on the path to possibly having the best season of his career. On top of that, his performance in just three games already broke a franchise record.

With his two sacks on Zach Wilson, he has totaled 32 sacks in 37 games, putting him on the top-10 all-time list, pushing Patriots legend Tedy Bruschi to the 11th overall.

It appeared to be an easy feat for Judon, as he's been one of the most consistently effective players on the entire team since signing with the Patriots in 2021.

Now that he will be sidelined for at least the next two months, we'll never know how the rest of the season would've gone for him. It's fair to assume he would continue to be one of the best at the position in the league and likely break more records along the way.

Fortunately, he's signed through the 2024 season, so we will have at least one more year of the fan favorite to see all he can accomplish as a Patriot.