4 Patriots that have stood out the most in Weeks 1-4

New England Patriots v Dallas Cowboys
New England Patriots v Dallas Cowboys / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Mac Jones

Unlike the other names on this list, Mac Jones' performance thus far has been on both sides of the spectrum. Through the first three weeks, he was one of the more consistent players on the offense despite the turnovers.

But his uncharacteristically poor performance against the Cowboys last week left an impression on all involved or watching, thus putting more pressure on him this week not to repeat it.

There was a lot of promise for the quarterback this summer with the addition of Bill O'Brien as the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, a much-needed improvement over Matt Patricia and Joe Judge. It was clear their working relationship far exceeded that of Jones and the coaches of last season, and his performance during training camp and the preseason seemed to back that up.

But since then, his performances have been inconsistent at best, with costly turnovers and questionable decision-making causing the most concern.

It all came to a head in week four, as Jones not only three a pick-six but also allowed a fumble six and another interception. Because of that, Bill Belichick was forced to bench him in the third quarter, which kicked off a new set of headlines for the following week.

Heading into this game with the Saints, the weight of the world rests on Jones' shoulders. Not only does he need a bounce-back game to help put the Patriots in a position to win, but he also needs it for the sake of his career in New England. He was already rumored to be on a short leash after last season, and his performance against the Cowboys lightly made it even tighter.