4 of the greatest New England Patriots one-hit-wonder seasons in franchise history

New England Patriots v San Francisco 49ers
New England Patriots v San Francisco 49ers / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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Looking back throughout the Patriots' history, several players stand out for various reasons. Whether it be their talent, leadership, longevity, or game-changing performance, countless players have gone on to become legends in New England for their contributions, particularly during the dynasty years.

But what makes it all the more interesting is the number of players that went on to become integral parts of the team's success in their one season spent in Foxboro.

A player who played a single season with a team is rarely remembered for years after they departed. Still, the Patriots have been fortunate to have a lengthy list of great one-season signings that played an integral part during the last twenty years.

This list showcases just seven of those players.