4 NFL teams that could hire Bill Belichick and continue his legendary career

It's over in New England, but that doesn't mean it's over for good.
New York Jets v New England Patriots
New York Jets v New England Patriots / Winslow Townson/GettyImages
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2. Los Angeles Chargers

An unstoppable force vs an immovable object. Could Bill finally put a sweet, merciful end to the Chargers Chargering? It feels like LA has quite a few big name cap cuts coming, but it's not like Belichick doesn't have experience winning with teams that have a great quarterback and an overachieving defense. If you're going to move on from guys like Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack, this seems like the coach to do it with. I can't imagine it'd hurt Justin Herbert's development, either. And if Bill comes in as just the coach, without the responsibility of running the front office? Even better. Plus, for whatever it's worth, after 20+ years in Foxboro it'd be hard to blame him for taking a warm weather job.