4 moves the Patriots must make to reach next year's Super Bowl

New England Patriots v New York Giants
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4. Hopefully draft a superior class of rookies this year

This is a given, right?

The Patriots have unfortunately had some trouble with their draft classes over the years, and this isn't the time to repeat that. Although picks are really considered a crap shoot because you won't really know what you have in a player until they play in a real NFL game, going after the best talent available at the time of your pick is a good strategy for the Patriots to take this year, while also making sure they fit a need on the roster.

They'll have a good opportunity to snag some of the best players this year with the third overall pick if they don't trade it away, and an early second-rounder with the 34th selection.

In addition, they are fortunate that a few of their major roster needs, like offensive tackle and wide receiver, reportedly have deep classes this year. That almost guarantees they'll get quality players without sacrificing their positioning.

It will partly make this year's draft all the more interesting, but mostly because it will be the first time in 24 years that Bill Belichick will not be in the war room. Who the general manager will ultimately be is yet to be announced, but all signs point to Eliot Wolf calling the shots.

That adds more intrigue to their strategy this year since nobody knows what that may be. We can no longer assume they'll shock the world by taking a guard in the first round or trading up to draft a kicker in the fourth.

This year will be a new experience for all; hopefully, it's good.

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