4 latest rumors regarding Bill Belichick's stance with the Patriots

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Rumor #4: Despite the Titans' objection, Mike Vrabel is still considered an option to replace Bill Belichick

Among the many rumors that have swirled about Belichick's job was the suggestion that Kraft's number one choice to replace him was recent Patriots Hall of Famer Mike Vrabel. Although the Titans currently employ him, reports indicated he hoped to convince the former linebacker to seek a trade or work his way out of Tennessee to step into the head coach role in New England.

Once that rumor picked up steam, sources with the Titans quickly shut down the possibility, stating they had no intention of moving on from Vrabel, essentially ending all speculation about his potential return to his old team.

But that doesn't appear to deter Kraft, who is said to be still focused on him as the one for the job.

"Tennessee coach Mike Vrabel, recently inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame for his contributions as a player, is among the other names mentioned in league circles as a potential candidate to succeed Belichick, though there’s no indication a split between him and the Titans is imminent. NFL rules require a full search with multiple interviews, and no one should assume any succession plans that were in place a year ago remain."

Given that Vrabel signed a contract extension in early 2022 and the Titans have only won a single playoff game in his six years as the head coach, it doesn't seem entirely off the table that they would trade him to another team for some sort of compensation.

On top of that, the GM that signed Vrabel to that extension was fired not long after he signed on the dotted line, which may open the door for this to indeed be a possibility.

But even if that's true, Kraft will need to widen his search for a new head coach and not focus on candidates who may not be available. Not to mention, considering guys who don't have a long-term connection to the team may be the best way to go.

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