4 free agents the New England Patriots must chase this coming offseason

New England could find a new quarterback and a bunch of offensive weapons in 2024 free agency.
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There is zero reason the New England Patriots should not have an ultra-successful offseason in 2024. Few teams have as much cap room as New England - Spotrac currently projects for New England to have $75,462,636 to spend in 2024, third-most in the league - along with a top-five 2024 NFL Draft pick.

The Patriots can remake the team this coming offseason and be better in 2024 and for years beyond.

What goes without saying, however, is that New England has to be aggressive in free agency. The organization also needs to decide if they want to keep Bill Belichick around or not. Plus, maybe a new quarterback would help.

What follows are four free agents that New England needs to try to bring to Foxborough. Yes, they all play on one side of the ball. But it's the offense that is the biggest issue, right?

The Patriots need to go after tight end Noah Fant

Noah Fant has special skills that have never been put to full use. The Denver Broncos wasted him in his first three seasons due to bad offensive coaching and scheme. He hasn't produced much more for the Seattle Seahawks the last two seasons, either, but that is simply because he does not get the ball enough. There are few tight ends with the ability to catch and run as well as Fant, and in the right system, he can be explosive.

In 2023, Fant is averaging 13.1 yards a catch, the second-best number of his career, but he has only been targeted 37 times. And it isn't like he cannot catch because he has caught 73 percent of his targets this season and 70.8 percent for his career. He simply just needs the ball more. If the Patriots rebuild their offense as they should, they will add much in free agency, including a receiver and a running back, and that should allow Fant to get the ball more in New England.

I will get more into this in a minute, but no matter if Bailey Zappe or Mac Jones are starting at quarterback this year, they are both doomed. They have an offensive line with pieces being moved all around (and offensive lines need to build cohesion to be great, and New England has not had any stability this year), no weapons at receiver, and no very good options at running back. But by adding Fant and others in 2024, the team can get back to being good fairly quickly.