4 easy ways the New England Patriots can be a competitive team in 2024

The Patriots are not that far off from being a good team again.
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Sign guard Kevin Dotson in free agency

New England now has a receiver and a quarterback; they need to add to that with some help along the interior of the offensive line. (Likely, the entire offensive line.) Dotson has proven adaptable to whatever the offensive blocking scheme is and turned his newfound knowledge into high-end success. He began his career with the Pittsburgh Steelers and was very good in pass protection but not as good in blocking for the run.

That changed in 2023 after the Los Angeles Rams acquired Dotson. The Rams went to a heavy gap block scheme, and while Dotson was still very good against the pass, he became an elite run blocker. According to Pro Football Focus (subscription required), Dotson was not only the second-highest-rated guard in the NFL this year but also third-best in terms of run blocking.

Dotson allowed just four sacks, though, and 20 total pressures. Except for one bad game against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 14, Dotson gave up just 14 pressures and four quarterback hits. Dotson is a true right guard who is only 27 years old and should have at least four years left to play at an elite level.

PFF projects Dotson to sign for four years at $17.25 million guaranteed. Do the Patriots have enough space to sign Cousins, Higgins, and Dotson? Probably not, but they are at least set up better than most teams to have a chance at that. Plus, with those three players added, the Patriots should be one of the most improved teams in the NFL.