4 decisions the Patriots might live to regret from 2024 NFL Draft

Duke's Mayo Bowl - North Carolina v South Carolina
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The Patriots did plenty of good in their first NFL Draft since Bill Belichick's departure. There were a lot of expectations put on Jerod Mayo and Eliot Wolf to put together a great draft class and from the initial analysis and reactions, they seemed to have achieved that.

At the same time, there were a few missteps they should have maybe reconsidered before the draft weekend was over.

It's hard to say if what they did or didn't do will end up being significant problems down the road since we have yet to see any of the rookies take the field. But some criticisms based on how they navigated the draft feel more than fair to send the Patriots' way.

4 decisions the Patriots might live to regret from 2024 NFL Draft

1. Not drafting a true left tackle

One of the most prominent needs the Patriots needed to address in this year's draft was the offensive line, particularly left tackle. The unit had been problematic during the 2023 season, with inconsistent protection of the quarterbacks and an inability to create lanes for the running backs to get through.

Despite the talent of many of the linemen, they remained a weaker unit on the team. Because it was clear Mayo and Wolf intended to draft a quarterback this year, it was even more critical that the line was prioritized in free agency and the other rounds of the draft.

However, a clear starting left tackle wasn't signed, and instead of taking advantage of a deep tackle class, the team chose to take a right tackle in the third round in hopes of moving him to the left side.

When they drafted Caedan Wallace with pick No. 68, left tackles Kiran Amegadjie, Javon Foster, and Dominick Puni were still available.

Banking on Wallace to successfully switch from right to left tackle could come back to haunt the Patriots, which will look even worse knowing the proven talent that was still on the board to take instead.