4 biggest threats to stop Mike Vrabel from returning to the Patriots

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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Wherever Adam Peters lands

One of the more under-the-radar stories surrounds the future of the ex-general manager of the 49ers, Adam Peters. He is the most sought-after candidate to fill that role for various teams this offseason, and because of his connection with Vrabel, it's possible wherever Peters goes, Vrabel will follow.

The two were with the Patriots at the same time, and both left in 2008. Because of their familiarity with one another, perhaps Peters wants to bring in a head coach he knows and trusts to be successful as one of his first hires as general manager. Why not bring in Vrabel?

It's something that could entice him, knowing he's going to a team with a GM he likes and put together an incredible team during his time in San Francisco. Because the Patriots' GM situation seems unsettled, following Peters takes one bit of that off his shoulders, especially since the Titans brought in a new GM, and that is likely why the team let him go out of nowhere on Tuesday.

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