4 biggest needs the Patriots must prioritize in 2024 NFL Draft

These 4 positions need the most work in the April Draft.
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New England Patriots' top need is easy: A new Quarterback

The New England Patriots quarterback situation was a disaster in 2023, not helped by poor management by Belichick, poor oversight by on-the-way-out Offensive Coordinator Bill O'Brien, and poor execution by Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe. They need a new QB, and they need it with their first choice.

Coupled with the other three needs to be covered herein, the team must first shore up the most critical position on the field and then work from there. In light of the deficiencies on the offensive line and in the skill positions, a dual-threat QB is the most advisable type to draft.

One of the top three options will be available when the Patriots select with the third pick overall in the draft. Any one of the top three would work. They are Caleb Williams from USC, Drake Maye from North Carolina, and Jayden Daniels from LSU. All possess great escapability, an essential attribute in the 2024 NFL.

Since Williams and Maye are routinely touted as the top two on the board, the available choice will likely be Daniels, but the Heisman Trophy winner is by no means to be looked upon as a consolation prize at all, quite the contrary. He may be the best choice anyway. He possesses all the qualities you need to be successful in the modern NFL. Bleacher Report notes this about Daniels,

"A five-year starter dating back to his days at Arizona State, Daniels' superpower is his athleticism. He has home run speed and a ton of burst and flexibility to wiggle out of the pocket and around defenders in space. No other quarterback comes close to Daniels as a rushing threat and athlete in this class.

"As a passer, Daniels handles himself like an experienced vet. He plays with a calm demeanor in the pocket, which you can see both in his quiet footwork and in his fearlessness under pressure." Daniels can do everything at a high level. If he's available and the other top two QBs are off the board (or maybe even if not), it's a no-brainer. You take Daniels and fill your QB need early. Next up, offensive tackle."