3 unexpected free agent signings the Patriots could still make happen

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We are months removed from the start of free agency, and most of the most desirable available players have already signed with their new teams.

However, that doesn't mean that quality players don't remain free agents right now.

Of course, most teams at this point in the offseason aren't looking to add more players to their rosters. Training camp is coming up, and the focus is evaluating the team's current talent and figuring out the best players to keep for the 2023 season.

But what if a great player remains unsigned and could be a great fit for the team? Is it too late to sign them and see how it goes?

Absolutely not.

Depending on what the biggest needs are for the team, in this case, the Patriots, it may be wise to look into who remains available and potentially inquire about signing them.

Obviously, it's not easy to honestly assess a team in the middle of July. OTAs and minicamp are not good indicators of how good a player can be come game day. But adding more talented players to add more competition throughout training camp is always a good idea. And if the Patriots want to do that, there are a few players they could maybe take an interest in.