3 trades the Patriots should avoid as the trade deadline nears

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
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Trading for Hunter Renfrow

One of the trades that has been whispered about this past week has been the Patriots reaching out to Josh McDaniels in Las Vegas and finally bringing long-time rumored desired receiver Hunter Renfrow to New England.

There has been an obsession with improving the receiving corps this year, which clearly makes sense, but adding a player like Renfrow and his skillset doesn't make the most sense. He wouldn't be bringing anything new to the table, nor would he be a significant upgrade over who the team currently has signed.

On top of that, because of the Raiders' offseason signing of Jakobi Meyers, the offense hasn't involved Renfrow much so far this season.

Whether it's due to McDaniels presence or not, the receiver has had a gradual decline in utilization on the team, going from 103 receptions for 1,038 yards and nine touchdowns in 2021 to 44 receptions for 403 yards and just two touchdowns in the two seasons since.

It certainly seems like Renfrow needs a change of scenery, since Meyers' impressive performance this year has seemingly pushed him down the depth chart to near oblivion. But wherever he gets traded to should not be New England.