3 trades the Patriots should avoid as the trade deadline nears

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
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As the trade deadline approaches on Tuesday afternoon, there is a lot of conversation surrounding the Patriots and whether they will become big sellers before then. Because they currently sit with an unsatisfactory 2-5 record, most assume they will be willing to ship nearly anyone elsewhere to acquire a pile of draft picks.

Although that may be true, it's not necessarily the smartest thing to do right now.

Sure, gaining more draft capital is never a bad idea, especially when you're heading into a season with top-five cap space in the league and you need massive improvement to your roster. But at the same time, trading away the few valuable players you have on the team is a willingness to sacrifice almost any success the rest of the season, which doesn't fit the way Bill Belichick has done things during his coaching career.

Maybe there will be a universal change made within the organization that the higher-ups feel is required to put the team in a better position heading into the 2024 season, and trading away assets that hold value currently isn't off the table. It's been rumored that Robert Kraft hasn't been thrilled with how things have transpired this season, making the idea of massive changes to how things are done a bit less surprising.

But with that also comes moves that the team should avoid at all costs, no matter what the return is. This is just three of them.