3 things Patriots fans should be thankful for this Thanksgiving

What should Patriots fans be thankful for on this Thanksgiving?

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3. A metric ton of cap space in 2024 (and avenues to create more)

According to overthecap.com, the New England Patriots are projected to have nearly $80 million in effective cap space next offseason. Making some post-June 1st cuts and trades can also get them at the $100 million mark. Now, in the NFL, having a ton of cap space doesn't always mean that the team should spend a ton, or that spending a ton leads to success the following year.

But what the Patriots potentially have in front of them is a scenario where they have a cost-controlled, rookie QB. This gives them a ton of cap relief until they'd have to pay that QB. With that additional cap space freed up, as we'll see beginning in 2024, the Patriots can use some of that money to make a run at filling out the rest of the roster.

Many teams have made exceptional free agent decisions over the years, and the Patriots could surely throw money at the offensive line and at wide receiver to make life easier for the young QB. Just look at some of the most recent Super Bowl champions... the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles had a QB on a rookie contract, the 2019 Kansas City Chiefs had Patrick Mahomes sitll on his rookie deal, the Cincinnati Bengals made the Super Bowl in 2021 without yet paying Joe Burrow, and as we all know, Tom Brady never commanded top of the market money for the QB position.

That let the Patriots spend elsewhere en route to their Super Bowl titles. This is a winning formula, and if the Pats can hit on a rookie QB, their cap space becomes much more valuable in shoring up the roster with external free agents.