3 shocking trades the Patriots could get done this offseason

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Davante Adams

Despite Tom Telesco's emphatic response when asked about Davante Adams' involvement in trade rumors this offseason, every player has a price, and teams will be willing to move on from them if the price is right. So, nothing is off the table for any player, even Adams.

Like the Vikings, reports have indicated the Raiders are interested in moving up in the draft, specifically new head coach Antonio Pierce's desire to select Jayden Daniels. Their best chance of doing that would be to trade with the Patriots since Drake Maye and Caleb Williams are projected to be the first two quarterbacks off the board.

To get that done, Las Vegas could follow the same steps proposed for Minnesota: swap first-rounders (Patriots get No. 13, Vikings get No. 3), send Adams, and another couple of picks. They're not in the same situation regarding their receiving corps as the Vikings are with Addison, but Adams is 31 years old, and they could easily find a more than-quality replacement for him in the draft this year due to the deep class of receivers.

This could be a win/win for both teams. The Raiders get the quarterback they want, and the Patriots fill a significant void with one of the best players in the game.

Justin Fields

One of the most debated proposed trades this offseason involves the Patriots and the Bears. Because Chicago is expected to take Caleb Williams with the first overall pick, they will likely be looking to send Justin Fields to a new team for more draft picks.

The Patriots have been a team consistently connected to the idea, as they need a new quarterback. But what they send for Fields has become a hot topic recently.

Despite the quarterback being a first-round pick in the 2021 draft, he hasn't performed anywhere near well enough to be valued that highly by the rest of the league three years later.

In some proposals, the Bears send the No. 9 pick, Fields, and picks in future drafts to New England for the No. 3 pick, which doesn't seem all that enticing for the Patriots, while others believe they could send their second-rounder (No. 34) to Chicago for the young quarterback.

No matter what all the components were, it would definitely be considered a shocking trade for both teams and would make for quite an interesting start for Jerod Mayo's tenure and solidify a new era in Chicago.

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