3 reasons why the best is yet to come from Patriots quarterback Mac Jones in 2023

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He hasn't had a consistent OC in the NFL

One of the easiest arguments against those who have already decided Mac Jones is not the quarterback for the Patriots is the lack of consistency of the coaches around him since he was drafted.

Although he worked with three different offensive coordinators during his time at Alabama, it's not an ideal scenario for any young quarterback to experience so early in their career. The relationship between Jones and McDaniels was clear from the start, and the quarterback thrived in the system that the longtime New England coach had in place.

It wasn't the perfect rookie season for a quarterback, but it was certainly noteworthy and had all the makings of an even better year two. But that's when things dramatically changed and impacted Jones in more ways than most of us likely realize.

With McDaniels heading west to take another head coaching position, Belichick was forced to look for a new OC to replace his former right-hand man.

Because there seemed to be no in-house replacements, it was believed an outside candidate would be hired, which is what most were hoping for anyway. But when it looked like former defensive coordinator Matt Patricia was given the clipboard, any optimism about the potentially great Patriots 2022 season went out the window, including all hope for Jones' sophomore progression.

Despite the offseason hype surrounding the quarterback's training, his struggles on the field with the new play-caller and the new scheme they were attempting to implement lasted all summer. And unfortunately, it didn't look any better during the regular season.

Now that Bill O'Brien is back in Foxboro, who some believe was the initial candidate Belichick wanted to hire last season but couldn't due to his contract with Alabama, Jones has an opportunity to perform how he should have last year.

The duo have spoken highly of each other all summer, and Jones' emphasis on their communication and understanding has not gone unnoticed. He's had his best training camp performance since joining the Patriots, and although they're facing the most brutal schedule in the NFL, Jones is poised to have the comeback season he deserves.