3 reasons the Patriots win against the Eagles, 2 reasons they lose

The New England Patriots open up the 2023 NFL season against the Philadelphia Eagles. They will be tested in an already crucial matchup.
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1. The Patriots lose because the Eagles' offense is too much to handle

Part of what made the Eagles so good last year is Jalen Hurts was efficient as a passer and as a runner. His passer rating was 101.5 in 2022. He threw for 22 touchdowns on just six interceptions. He was also a force with his legs, rushing for 760 yards and 13 touchdowns. Hurts was responsible for over 4,000 yards of offense and 35 total touchdowns in 2022.

Hurts, coupled with the Eagles having an elite core of playmakers in DeVonta Smith, AJ Brown, and Dallas Goedert might make this Philly offense just too much to handle. I would not be surprised if the Patriots didn't have many answers for the Eagles' offense, which can beat you in multiple ways.

The Patriots need either their run defense or pass defense to step up on Sunday. One of those units needs to be elite if the Pats want a chance at winning.

2. The Patriots lose because Mac Jones can't get the offense going

I have faith in the run game with Rhamondre Stevenson and Ezekiel Elliott. I think that could end up being one of the best RB duos in the NFL this year. While I'm not concerned about the run game, I am concerned that third-year QB Mac Jones won't be able to get much going against the Eagles defense. I worry that Jones simply isn't that good, or perhaps is only average at best.

If so, the Patriots' offense will have a hard time moving the ball all year. We need to see Jones build on his promising 2021 rookie season and to just forget about 2022, which he should probably get a pass on. The success or lack thereof from Mac Jones in 2023 will make or break the New England Patriots.