3 reasons the New England Patriots can win the AFC East in 2023

New England Patriots v Cleveland Browns
New England Patriots v Cleveland Browns / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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As the 2023 NFL season nears, there isn't a lot of optimism in and outside New England about the Patriots' chances in general, but especially within their own division.

It has been years since the AFC East has been truly competitive, which played a big part in how dominant the Patriots were during the Tom Brady era. But over the last few seasons, the Bills, Dolphins, and Jets have made dramatic moves to improve their teams, making the division winner far less predictable than in years past.

Now that they're no longer guaranteed division winners, the Patriots' odds of coming out victorious with a division title have dwindled.

The Buffalo Bills have taken over that first-place position with a dominant offense led by Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs and an outstanding defense not intimidated by top receivers around the league.

The Dolphins and Jets are now vying for second place, with New York getting a slight edge over Miami because of their massive trade for Aaron Rodgers earlier this year. Both have standout players on defense with offensive lines that have been far more competent than the protection Mac Jones has dealt with over the last two years.

And then that leaves New England, who is projected to finish last in the East, even with all the changes they've made this offseason.

But is that accurate? It depends on who you ask.

Nothing is ever certain in the NFL, especially when we're making conclusions this early in the offseason. Plus, it's difficult to completely dismiss the idea of the Patriots performing better than expected when Belichick is still their head coach, despite what some pessimistic fans will say about the legendary head coach.

So even though their odds may not be in their favor, and most fans will scoff at the idea of this even being discussed, there are a few reasons the Patriots could win the AFC East this upcoming season.