3 reasons hiring Jerod Mayo will pan out sooner rather than later

The plan was in place, and that can be seen as a positive.
New England Patriots, Jerod Mayo
New England Patriots, Jerod Mayo / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Mayo is a young, former player, following a recent trend

Because of his youth, Mayo brings several advantages. As a young, former player, Mayo can relate to the players of today's league. He understands how the game has evolved over recent years and he's seen it firsthand through experience.

With that comes an understanding that the quarterback position is more important than it's ever been. I don't believe a team can any longer go to a Super Bowl with a Trent Dilfer or Rex Grossman under center. You have to have a legitimately talented player at quarterback. That doesn't mean they have to be an All Pro, necessarily. But, you absolutely have to have a talented guy under center, and that Patriots' short list following Tom Brady has not cut it.

Having been around for the entirety of the post-Brady era, Mayo has had a front row seat to watching the Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe experiment.

The way this league has evolved, we see many more offensive minds take head coaching gigs and are witnessing less and less defensive minds get those opportunities. However, Mayo might be a special case because of his experience playing and coaching within the last eight years. Knowing the defensive trends, first and foremost, has allowed Mayo to continue assisting in the Patriots' long tradition of having stout defenses.

But at the same time, he will ensure the quarterback position is secured.