3 quarterbacks the New England Patriots need to target for 2024

-A quality, but aging veteran?

-How about an old friend?

-We're on to the 2024 NFL Draft?

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2. Jimmy Garoppolo, Las Vegas Raiders

OK, so, the Las Vegas Raiders are also a bad football team. They lost in Week 4 and also dropped to 1-3 on the season. Well, the Raiders share a lot of former coaches and players with the Patriots. Both franchises look to be heading towards a rebuild and Garoppolo could be someone that perhaps is one and done in LV.

Financially, it isn't impossible. They could save $13 million on their 2024 cap number but would have to eat over $15 million in dead money. It's not the worst possible situation, but Garoppolo has already missed a game and has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns this year.

Could we see a situation where Garoppolo is simply not on the Raiders next year? I think so. A trade would obviously make more financial sense for the Raiders, and Garoppolo might finally get his chance to be the franchise QB of the Patriots. I do think Garoppolo is better than Mac Jones, and Jimmy G coming in for a year or two while the Patriots try to develop a QB prospect could be an option.

He knows the franchise and obviously played well in his limited opportunities when he was initially in New England.