3 potential offensive team MVPs for the New England Patriots in 2023

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
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Mac Jones

To some, it may be a longshot to consider Mac Jones as a potential offensive MVP this upcoming season, especially after his struggles last year. But with the mentorship, guidance, and knowledge he will gain from working with Bill O'Brien, it's not outlandish to consider the quarterback may have a noticeable third-year jump.

Since the former Texans' head coach was brought back to New England, he and Jones have consistently been complimentary of working together so far. It's a far cry from the unenthusiastic responses from the quarterback last year when discussing the working relationship with the then-offensive coordinator Matt Patricia.

The foundation of a healthy relationship between the two appears to have been set, and it's fair to assume that Jones will reap the benefits on and off the field. And so far, O'Brien's influence appears to have already affected the quarterback, as he's been a consistent top performer at training camp thus far.

If he can maintain that performance come the regular season, or better yet, revert to and improve upon how he played during his rookie season, we'll likely see a brand new Mac Jones on the Patriots. It could be his best season yet, which has been a common theme among quarterbacks in their third season in recent years.

With a (hopefully) improved offensive line, a revitalized offense from new additions, and those on the team last year combined with a regained confidence in Jones, he could easily become one of the offensive MVPs in 2023.